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Recap: Gutter.FM Twitter Space

Gang Gang! Hitting the ground running with a recap of the Gutter Cat Gang Twitter Space that took place on 1/26.

The space was promoted in GCG's recent announcement as a key initial priority to engage with the community and "take you inside the minds of the creative team."

With a "Check 1, 2," @DrDicatrio, (Dr. Leo) Co-Community Manager for GCG, kicked off the space saying, "we're back, and it's been a long time coming."

He was joined by @gutterbt (GUTTER BT), Gutter Labs' Creative & Social Manager and @brettmaurer (brettmaurer.eth), Gutter Labs' Associate Creative Director.

@gutterbt has "been in the gang since the beginning...." His prior experience at Google's cloud gaming platform on their UX team taught him about "disruptive technology" and "the importance of digital ownership." He'll now "spearhead gamification for the GCG ecosystem... and add video-game like elements to the collectors' experience..."

His images are inspired by "obscure 80s and 90s anime...and old school video games." He "bakes those in" to stories he tells. He loves to see people "dissect the shit out of [the art]."

@brettmaurer came to GCG after a "decade working in sports and design." He found a niche with the Miami Heat focusing on "brand IP, and worked in between the league, the Heat, and Nike." He said, "Gutter really spoke to him" because of the focus on sports.

He "shot devs a DM," and wound up creating the jersey for The Basketball Tournament (TBT). It created a connection and he was "brought bring the brand to the next level."

GutterBT shared GCGs "vision for gamification" of the updated website, the hub for all things Gutter. They want to "create value for digital collectibles without diluting the ecosystem." This year, GCG is "adding more elements..." and seeks to "retain users and create products" that are ready for when more web2 users join.

Two key roll outs @gutterbt highlighted are:

  • sub-commmunities: like "guilds, to promote more social interaction." They want to help GCG "promote these sub-brands" and "gamify it," potentially offering rewards. He pointed to sub-communities like Puffers, Tracksuit, VR, and Prison Shirt. Also, the website will make regional sub-communities easier to identify to initiate meet-ups.

  • credentials: similar to "X Box achievements or Play Station trophies." These "reward users by performing digital or physical actions" as incentives for "secret stuff coming in the future."

@brettmaurer added that GCG will focus on improving the "collector and Gutter experience." He highlighted:

  • sub-domains: with the new "gcg.eth" domain from be3tboy.eth, they want to give the chance to have "grail names."

  • IP rights, licensing opps, and tools: GCG wants to use their platform to "promote people building with their IP" and close the gap by "providing assets creators can use." Initially, it might be foundational "fonts, colors, logos" to be used by everyone. It will grow and include "resources to build a brand" and have a "graphic toolbox" to support community campaigns. GCG sees people make jerseys or glasses for their Gang and "want to make that easier" in a central location. He pointed to @iamMRJOUBREL, @naxeesi, and @trappistm0nk, "giving tools to all creators." Creators should "open up a ticket" on Discord because GCG wants to "be the brand" for creatives.

Currently available on the site are "high res images and an array of wallpaper sizes." Coming soon are ways to customize full sets and trilogies. They're adding a "hover preview" to the site to help holders see if there's a corresponding clone or OG.

@GutterDan hopped on to say he's "excited about everything coming" and appreciates everyone - the "fresh blood and the new faces." GCG sees this as "the year of the Gutter" and a year to "separate ourselves and deliver." Gutter Dan explained that they've "had to be quiet for certain reasons," but "no activations are off the table."

Community members added to the spaces with questions, and here are a few key gems that emerged:

  • @gutterbt reminded folks that with "gamification of the collectors' experiences...the Cats rule the streets in Gutter City."

  • Gutter Dan said said they'd love to "give a teaser" for the Spring brand partnership, but can't for "contractual reasons." He said it will be "the best activation to date" and includes two massive partners. He thinks people in the Gutter will be "proud."

  • Credentials will "reward people for showing up and showing out." It won't just be "the top 10 or 25," but also people "collecting, participating, and developing IP."

  • GCG will provide more information on "where all the species rank" to see "what a full set means, a trilogy, a cat" and other configurations. They want to "reward people collecting full sets."

  • Gutter Dan said GCG is working on communications, and will "provide updates" because "they're working on dope shit." While "Q4 wasn't ideal," he wants to "keep everyone along for the ride."

  • Gutter is working to "create a worldwide brand to increase brand equity." Owning the IP is a strong focus for 2023 and GCG will make it easier for clients to "search the site" in order to "license IP." They heard a suggestion to add "reach" and a "bio" to the Gutterboard to help brands access particular GCG members' assets.

  • @DrDicatrio bought his cat "as a bet on this team and everything we're trying to do and accomplish."

  • Upcoming Gutter community events are taking place on Feb 25th-26th in Dallas and in Australia.

The team closed out saying that they're excited for the "Gutter City story to unfold," appreciate all the members, and "let's get it!" Gang Gang! Follow @guttercattimes for news, spotlights, and recaps from the Gutter.

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