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Gutter Delivers: GCG Shares Baker's Dozen of Gang Priorities

Gang MF Gang! Lots happening in the Gutter, so let's hit it!

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, Gutter Dan dropped a tease in the GCG Discord that hinted at "exciting activations," and promised news this week.

Tonight, Dan delivered.

The @GutterCatGang tweeted a nearly 1,500 word update on the state of the Gutter and what’s to come.

In the Gutter’s massive update post, the gang highlighted 13 priority projects.

The Gutter Cat Times gives the sweet and condensed version of the priority projects identified by the GCG Team.

The TL;DR version: fucking cool shit is happening, stick around, gang gang.

1. Gutter.FM Twitter Space - Thursday, January 26 at 8:00 PM EST.: GCG Twitter will host a Space Thursday, January 26 at 8:00 PM EST. Gang creatives and community manager will share details on "initiatives they are spearheading." Gang Gang!

2. Community Focus Groups: Session 2 : The 2nd session of community focus groups is Thursday, February 9. Look for more info on Discord and Twitter to participate.

3. Gutter Community Advisory Board: The Gang is "creating a Gutter Advisory Council" comprised of "positive, constructive members from the Gutter community" who want to "build alongside the team." Stay tuned for more about how to participate.

4. The Gutter Shop: GCG is "partnering with Shopify" to make "Gutter products more accessible to both mainstream and Web3 audiences." Gutter "apparel and collectibles" will be available. The shop is a way to "accelerate the Gutter brand’s path to becoming a globally-recognized, household name."

5. Gutter Creators: GCG will add a "Creator Hub" to the GCG website "in the coming weeks that will provide tools and resources to those who want to build and create upon their digital collectible’s IP."

6. Gutter Credentials: Will be "added to Collector Profiles" at "later this week." These can be earned via "digital collectibles, attending events and participating in other Gutter activations." Gutter Dan said, "there may be a special credential for early adopters of the Gutter Hub" and encouraged Gang to set up profiles.

7. Gutter Sub-Communities and Clubs GCG Sub-Communities have been "inspiring." Gutter Dan elevated their "power" of "connecting, supporting and creating." GCG announced "that sub-communities will be a big part of the Gang’s future," with "exclusive access to channels in the Gutter Discord," plus meet-ups and networking.

8. Gutter Subdomains: as The Gutter Cat Times reported, be3tboy.eth gave the GCG "gcg.eth" and the entire community will get subdomains to "flex."

9. Community IP Licensing: the Gutter Labs team is working to "facilitate the process for Gutter holders to license their IP more seamlessly." They "plan" to license "IP directly from the GCG community for select product launches this year." Gang MF Gang!

10. Gutter World Building and Lore "The year is 2050..." Dan explained that the "gutter is born of lore," and "expect some future activations to have a deeper lore component and more Gutter world images that you can pick a part for hours."

11. Gamified Collector Ecosystem the GCG has been "cooking up a fun way to reward loyalty, gamify...and bring...Gutter collectibles together" in a "cohesive system "with Cats on top, then OGs, then Clones, with Full Sets and Trilogies acting as boosts to the gamified collector experience."

12. Website Feature Updates: GCG is implementing updates that include: checking if OGs were cloned, connecting with members, and making it easier to see full sets and trilogies.

13. Spring Brand Partnership Still in "stealth mode," and Gutter Dan promises this will "be the biggest brand moment for Gutter IP to date and will help propel the brand forward and closer to mainstream adoption."

The GCG Team closed by saying that they're "excited about the future of the Gutter and look forward to building with and alongside the community...Gang Gang!"

Follow @guttercattimes for community reactions to the update and more as the Gutter Cat Gang team and community actualize these initiatives! Gang Gang!

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