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Gang Gives Back: be3tboy.eth Launches Mint Pass Giveaway & Offers gcg.eth To The Gutter

Gang Gang, and let's drop some intel on recent Gutter happenings! Though some people may think of the Gutter Cat Gang as tough, the gang has plenty of heart, as demonstrated recently by @bettertorun (AKA: be3tboy.eth).

On 1/23, be3tboy.eth not only launched a Gutter Mint Pass Giveaway (details below), but also offered "gcg.eth," the ENS domain, to the GCG Team.

be3tboy.eth "joined the Gutter in summer, 2021" initially to flip, and then became a top 50 GCG holder and KingpinDAO member. He sees Gutter as "part of the next great brand that athletes choose to rep," with "art [that] reminds me of my childhood and some of my most favorite sports icons."

For the Giveaway, be3tboy.eth took to Twitter to announce that he's "giving away a @GutterCatGang Mint Pass Species #3 on the last Caturday of January (1/28)." For those interested in entering to win a "NEW OG Pigeon," he shared the rules and and example:

Gutter Cat Gang's Mint Passes 3 & 4 introduced two new generative art collections into the Gutter Cat Gang ecosystem, pigeons and dogs. The passes sold out in September, 2021, and are still for sale on OpenSea with the floor for Species #3 at 1.890 as of this writing.

be3tboy.eth said he's made some good friends in the Gutter and, "It's important to me to give back and bring folks along..."

Get your screen shots in by 1/28 for your chance to win! May the odds be ever in your favor. Gang Gang!

As if the Giveaway wasn't dope enough, be3tboy.eth also recently Tweeted to the GCG Team: "If I gift gcg.eth to you will you promise to make subs for the community? I couldn't make the focus groups but this is my contribution to the rebrand of the @GutterCatGang. Let me know..."

His updated 1/23 Tweet (screenshot below) says, "The @GutterCatGang now owns gcg.eth," and "This team is going to surprise many of you this year." be3tboy.eth also indicates that @GutterMitch was responsive to the offer, and insisted on reimbursing him for the gcg.eth ENS domain.

Stoked to spotlight GCG member be3tboy.eth and his contributions to the Gutter. Stay tuned to @guttercattimes to see how the Gang puts this prime ENS domain to use in the future! Gang Gang!

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