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Gutter Art: @iamMRJOUBREL Builds A Gutter Brand

A lot of people in the Gutter Cat Gang join because they think the art is dope. And it is. Other people join because of the vibe that welcomes new members into the gang: "Gang Gang!" And still others envision using their Gutter IP for something bigger.

@iamMRJOUBREL joined for all three reasons: the art, the community, and to build a brand. He originally jumped into the Gang "with the drop of Gutter juices" and a goal "to get an OG." Like @GutterSkelly, he was "flipping cat juices" and worked up to his first OG rat, #2457, which he uses as his "web3 identity." He plans "on making it bigger than Mickey Mouse by branding it on everything."

@iamMRJOUBREL "found a home in the Gutter and got welcomed in with open arms and to this day the love is still there." He feels like the GCG is "community and family." Many in the GCG know Joubrel's art: he makes custom banners and derivatives for the Gang. He recently won the Gutter 2.0 Sticker contest with his unique style!

He started "creating art at a very young age," introduced by his older brother, "who is a well known airbrush muralist/painter amongst the Lowrider community." His brother showed him the ropes and he found his own style. Joubrel went to art school and started freelancing after college. He's been "working for himself" ever since.

Joubrel's banners started with a "text message from a friend." His buddy asked him to "create a new Gutter art piece for his Twitter page that included his Gutter Pigeon." He "dissected the entire pigeon into its separate traits and blended everything together in the form of a wave and labeled it 'pool of traits' style." That was his first piece and he's now surpassed "over 250 custom banners." Daaaaaammn!

Not only did Joubrel "develop a new art style," but he uses his OG Gutter Rat "to represent it." He developed a story that his "Rat has a Custom Banner Stand right outside of Gutter City and is open 24/7 to create."

He's "bullish on the Gutter Cat Gang," no matter the "market status," and he believes the team "is still building." "We haven't seen the best of it as of yet," he said. Plus, Joubrel is "here to adapt my IP to anything I can brand - therefore I’m building my brand, my future." He's here "to support and build with the community. "

Any Gutter Cat Gang members that are looking for custom art should hit @iamMRJOUBREL up! The @guttercattimes will continue to follow Joubrel's brand and his Gutter City Custom Banner Stand. Gang Gang!

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