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Gang Gang: Gutter Cat Gang launches new Online Hub

We’re just over a week into the new year, and kicking off with a news source on all things Gutter: all species, all clones, all merch, 24-hours, non-stop Gutter. Gang Gang!

What’s going on in the Gutter?: just before the start of the new year, the Gutter Cat Gang launched a new website as a hub for the gang:

They indicated that, “This platform serves as the foundational infrastructure for us to continually build upon gamifying and rewarding the collector experience within the Gutter ecosystem.”

Gang Shoots and Scores! The new Gutterboard section of the website offers an “at a glance” gamified look at holders and the number of GCG assets they hold. Currently, wallet 0xac2b0eF03cf4A5913e39b866c4a71659e01174B6 leads with 39 cats and Dingaling is running second with 33. Sheeeeeeesh! GCG also has over 11,000 holders. Gang Gang.

Gang’s Brand Vision: the website highlights GCG’s vision as a lifestyle brand at the convergence of web3 and culture, suggesting big things ahead for gang in 2023 and beyond, including products and experiences.

Stay tuned for your daily doses of Gutter, as we follow and report on what's happening across the community!

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