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Gutterversary Exclusive: Founders Reflect On 2-Years In The Gutter!

Raise a glass, Gang!

June 8th marks the 2-year anniversary of the Gutter Cat Gang, when this next generation brand merging street culture, sports, and web3 launched its genesis collection!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to the Founders - Gutter Dan, Gutter Karlee, Gutter Mitch, and Gutter Ric - to hear about their experiences on the unpaved streetz of Gutter City and bring those highlights, hopes, and other insights to you!

Gutter Dan shared, "There have been so many amazing moments during the past couple of years!" He pointed to the time when Malik Monk wore custom Gutter Kicks during the December 25th, 2021, NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers: "It was the first-ever game in the Arena (formerly the Staples Center) so it was surreal to see a Los Angeles Laker ball while rocking the GUTTER brand in a historic event like that."

Now, over a year from that pivotal moment, the Gutter Cat Gang has amplified its national and global presence through a collab with sports brand PUMA x Charlotte Hornets' star, LaMelo Ball, producing custom GutterMelo kicks!

Dan added, "Right up there with the Malik moment is the first time I met Gutter holders face to face, in October 2021. I went to a party in NYC and ran into community members: Dr. Leo, Crazy Carl, King BlackBored and a bunch of other NFT personalities. That was a great night. It made it real for me. Completely reaffirmed my belief in what we are building."

The Gutter has also expanded how it connects with community members, including Gutter Clubs, which are community led channels within the Gutter Cat Gang Discord where like-minded members connect, converse and build together!

Looking ahead to the future, the Founders agreed: "The whole team is beyond excited for the activation we rolled out in June with Puma!"

They added, "The 'Spring Activation' is finally coming to light and we think all Gutter holders and fans will be proud of the finished product, like we are. It’s going to be a massive testament to our brand power and is by far the largest activation the Gutter has had to date.

Gutter's Founders said, "Mainly, we’re excited for the future of the GUTTER and its broad appeal. It’s humbling to look back and see what we’ve accomplished these past two years. It feels like we haven’t even scraped the surface. We’re driven by the potential of how far we can take this thing; the sky's the limit."

Speaking of skies, check out the blimp on the Gutter City Map, with its "Happy 2nd Birthday Gutter" banner!

Reflecting on the past two-years and the hard work that's gone into building, the group highlighted that working together has helped them grow their friendships with one another. Friends since childhood, they said, "No matter what comes at us, we band together, embrace the challenge and have the confidence we’ll see it through. We love the challenge."

Congrats, GCG Founders, on the past two-years and everything the team has accomplished with and for the community! Gang Gang!

Stay tuned to @guttercattimes for other highlights from the Gutter as we celebrate this two-year milestone for the Gutter Cat Gang!

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