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Gutter RARE: GCG Drops Sneak Peek Of GutterMelo Kicks

Gang Gang from the Gutter and Happy Caturday!

The heat is ON!

Earlier today, the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted, "RARE," and shared two pics that are sneak peeks of the kicks coming June 29th for the GutterMelo drop!

The Gutter Cat Times confirmed with a Gutter Labs team member that these pics are the first ones to show-off parts of the forthcoming GutterMelo kicks.

The first pic shows a thermal mode-colored shoe and the words "NOT FROM HERE" near the bottom of the laces.

The colors and phrase are consistent with the hints dropped in the May 15th "not from here" video clip that first announced the Gutter Cat Gang's collaboration with global brand PUMA x All-Star Charlotte Hornets' Guard, LaMelo Ball.

The second picture reveals the back of the kicks with a thermal mode Gutter Cat in front of the word, "RARE." We also see "1 of 1," a halo, and what appears to be wings framing a "1."

These reflect LaMelo's tattoos: on one forearm, he rocks the word "RARE," and has a #1 with wings and a halo; on the other forearm, he has inked, "1 of 1," a reference to his uniqueness. There's no one like LaMelo!

As of this writing, only an hour after tweeting, the Gutter Cat Gang's post has over 15k views, and the Gutter community is stoked on what they're seeing!

RegularRuben replied, "Dayyyuuuuummmmm," and NapoleonTNT.GANG added, "This is so sick!"

The Gutter Cat Times is following the Gutter x PUMA x Melo collab and will bring you updates and insights on the kicks, drop, and other news!

Follow us on Twitter @guttercattimes for all Gutter, all the time.

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