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Gutter Game-Changer: The Gutter Cat Gang Teased Some Hot LaMelo x PUMA x Gutter Kicks

Gutter's going to the NBA!

Today the Gutter Cat Gang dropped even more info on their ballin' collab with global sportswear brand PUMA x Charlotte Hornets' All-Star Guard, LaMelo Ball!

Kicks incoming, with an NFT on June 29th, for the first ever GutterMelo physical sneaker.

"Step into a new era of hoops style with GutterMelo, a game-changing sneaker crafted from LaMelo Ball's iconic MB collection. This collaboration with @MELOD1P, Gutter & @PUMAHoops pushes the boundaries of innovation, empowering you to express your unique style on & off the court," The GCG tweeted. Their tweet has been viewed 58k times as of this writing.

The 11-second video accompanying the tweet features LaMelo Ball holding a sneaker whose design is unrevealed and has a thermal Predator-like glow.

He explains, "It's the first MB.03 coming out," and you "only can get it if you get the NFT."

LaMelo describes the shoe's design, pointing to the side of the kick where the "Gutter Cat Melo" is.

He then gestures towards the sole and says, "heat vision." Turning the sneaker, he explains that there's a "pattern right here," a "logo," and calls it a "beautiful shoe."

Gutter's Founders took to Twitter to share their excitement, with Gutter Mitch tweeting, "Gutter making history by joining the short list of legends to launch a signature shoe with an all-star pro athlete and top sportswear brand. Absolute game changer @GutterCatGang @MELOD1P @PUMA."

Gutter Ric added, "It's a new era for hoops apparel and fashion.. together we're bringing more mainstream awareness to web3 tech and its use cases. Gang Gang."

In Gutter's Boardroom Discord channel for Gutter Kingpins (holders with 5 or more Cats), Gutter Ric also said that this signature shoe and partnership with a long-standing brand "Wouldn't be possible without support from the community. Appreciate you guys for rocking with us through it all."

Gang can check out, which states that this is "A FRIENDS AND FAMILY SNEAKER DROP YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON."

@guttercattimes is working to find out additional details on the kicks and the drop, and what this means for the Gutter Cat Gang community. Stay tuned for updates!

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