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Gutter Clubs: Gang Launches New Feature In Collectors' Hub

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The heat of March Madness isn't just about hoops, Gang. The Gutter Cat Gang is spicing up the Gutter Collectors' Hub, rolling out a hot new feature: Clubs!

Yesterday, the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted, "Fresh feature launching in the Gutter Collectors Hub. Gutter Clubs. A place to build and connect with like-minded people in the Gutter Community. Join one to run with your crew. Visit the Clubs page for more info."

The Gutter Cat Times checked out the Clubs page, where Gutter can "Build dope sh!t together."

Gutter Clubs "are a way to connect with members in the community who share similar passions," according to the GCG Collectors Hub. They provide access to sub-channels in Gutter Cat Gang's official Discord.

Below are some of the Clubs the Gang can choose to join: Gutter Picks, a place for Gutter to give and get the inside scoop on hot NFT projects pre-mint; and Gutter Creators, for "creatives, entrepreneurs and those who rise and grind."

Gang can get their fitness on in Gutter Gainz, where Gutter members drop health and wellness tips to get the Gang in their best physical and mental shape. Gutter Networking offers the Gang a chance to "connect with others in or outside of their field of expertise."

Plus, the Gutter Cat Gang recently tweeted, "By popular demand, we'll be launching a Gutter Bets Club. Open to all holders, just in time for the Gutter Bracket Challenge. See you degens in there tomorrow."

Gang should head to the page and join their crew! Gang Gang!

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