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Shoe Dog: TJS ART Creates GutterMelo Edit To Bring Heat Check Vibes To the Gang!

Gutter's creators gonna create.

TJ, (@tjsretrowaveart) a well known Gutter Cat Gang artist and winner of the Puffer Fashion Showcase, dropped a rad GutterMelo edit of his Gutter Dog, and spread the love by outfitting the community!

He tweeted, "Did an edit for the GCG fam. My halo dog is ready for the @GutterCatGang and @MELOD1P." His badass edit includes a pair of GutterMelos hanging around the shoulders of his dog, looking cool AF.

Gang shared their assets to get hooked up with TJs GutterMelo kicks, and he didn't disappoint! He even created edits for Gutter Founders Mitch, Ric, and Dan (see top row below).

Check out some of the GutterMelo-ed up Gang:

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to TJ to find out more about the rad edit.

He said, "I decided to create the edit to bring some good vibes to the community and it worked. Everyone was so happy to get their cat, rat, pigeons and dogs edited with the GutterMelo!"

TJ added, "I’m excited for the drop and hope to get a pair myself and excited to see the founders building cool stuff that brings web2 and web3 people together."

Thanks for sharing your skillz and creativity with the Gutter, outfitting us with the GutterMelo look before the June 29th drop! Gang Gang!

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