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Gutter Style: Puffer Fashion Showcase Winner Announced!

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Caturday!

Gutter Arcade dropped a hot update yesterday and announced the winner and runner ups of the #PufferFashionShowcase!

They tweeted, "It's time to announce the #PufferFashionShowcase winner! The judges had their work cut out for them & that showed in the final point tally. ONE single point was the difference in determining our winner. Congratulations to our winner.... @tjsretrowaveart!!!"

In addition to the winner, whose design will be turned into a limited edition run puffer jacket, the 2nd and 3rd place designers also got a shout out: "Congrats are also in order for our 2nd & 3rd place finishers: @flues_8 & @GirlWhoShivers !! Your two designs will also be turned into IRL pieces. To @b3ermoney & @thcpixie, hold your head high! You beat out 30 other competitors to get here! Looking forward to next time!"

Following the announcement, the Gang turned up to congratulate winners, participants, and Gutter Arcade for the design contest opportunity!

LegCap said, "Congrats all! Can't wait for these jackets! Gang Gang!" Gutter Mitch added, "Gang gang! Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated!" And J3sse (@b3ermoney), who was one of the final 5 designers, shared, "Congrats everyone on a super fun and creative contest! Well done!"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to TJ to hear his reaction to the news, and was lucky to catch him right after the announcement. He said, "I just saw the tweet! I'm so excited! Wow, I can’t believe something I created and the community supported me with their vote and now this idea is coming to life! I’m so exciting to see it happen and I’m lost for words wow!"

TJs designer and artist peers also showed up to congratulate him, with technͭoͤvͨeͪins (@GirlWhoShivers) tweeting, "TJ genuinely deserves the win. the way they encapsulate the space and gang is what we all need. I hope this is a reminder as to how skilled and loved you are, and the design? amazing."

The Gutter Cat Times asked r0seNY, who spearheaded the contest with the Gutter Arcade x Community First team, what the next steps are for the production of the puffer jackets.

He explained, "Each design will be sent to a manufacturer for a single limited run. Before we get to that point though, we'll be working with the artists on making sure all the details, materials, angles, etc. are notated, so that the pieces being made are as originally intended by the artists."

r0seNY said there's no current timetable for the finished puffers because of everything that needs to happen before creating the physical jackets. "That being said, when the time comes, these puffer jackets will be available for sale and I am personally looking forward to wearing them."

Congrats to all of the #PufferFashionShowcase participants, the final 5 finalists, the top 3, whose designs will be made into IRL limited edition jackets, and to TJ! Thanks to Gutter Arcade x Community First for a dynamite opportunity for Gutter creatives to shine! Gang MF Gang!

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