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Spotlight: GCG Artist Brings Retro Vibes To The Gutter

The Gutter Cat Gang is filled with creatives who bring their passion for art, music, sports, and culture to the Gang.

Each artist develops their own style, and TJSART.ETH (@tjsretrowaveart) has an eye for the 1980s, bringing his synthwave - retrowave vibe to the Gutter.

Synthwave or retrowave is a genre of electronic music and art. It's based on sci-fi and action films of the 1980s, and tries to capture and celebrate that culture. Visually, neon colors and sunsets are common. TJSART.ETH is inspired by 80s comics, cyberpunk music, and movies, like Star Wars.

He joined the GCG 10 months ago with a Cat clone that he later lost to a scammer. He said, "I was ready to quit, but the community came together and helped me get back on my feet with a clone. That support and love is what gave me the push to get my first OG."

His OG is Gutter Dog #1262, with Purple Cheshire fur, a diamond hoop earring, Gutta Goggles, stubble, and a pink background.

Before and after the community rallied around him, he's "always been bullish on the gang." He's been able to create commissioned art for GCG members, which has challenged him as an artist and helped him "create art full time and be with family more."

TJSART.ETH told The Gutter Cat Times that he got into creating art as way to escape a traumatizing childhood. Art let him "be who I am and create what makes me happy." For him, being in the Gang "means we always have each other’s back and we always say what’s in our minds because being Gutter means we’re free."

A surfer and skateboarder in LA, he'd love to do a "collab with the gang and build cool things together," similar to the art collabs the GCG has had in the past.

The Gang community is excited to amplify Gutter artists. Anyone interested in commissions, DM @tjsretrowaveart. Gang Gang!

Keep up with Gutter news, events, and community @guttercattimes.

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