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PLOT TWIST: Gutter Grab "Pivoting To Burning Clones & Social Fi," Says Yugen! Find Out More Here:

The Gutter Cat Gang has been taking over the TL this week, turning up the heat during Gutter Grab Cycle 2!

The latest Cycle kicked off on April 7th, and over the past few days we've seen Yugen give away 100k chips, navigate API issues, and change his profile pic!

This evening, Yugen tweeted, "Pivoting to burning Clones & SocialFi. if your tweet about $GANG gets more than 500 views, you may be selected and have the number of views of your post credited into your Gutter Grab account. I.e 1,000 post views, 10x Cat multiplier = 10,000 Gutter Chips."

This latest plot twist brought questions on the TL, including the ones below: wWONKAMILLION$s asked, "When does this go into effect and will old posts count ? Asking for a friend …" and Yammertime.eth asked, "Cumulative or one single post?"

Yugen replied to Yammertime, "Single," meaning that one tweet will need to receive more than 500 views to be considered to receive a multiplier. At the time of this writing, we don't know when this goes into effect or whether old posts will count.

As far as burning clones, Yugen dropped a tweet earlier today saying, "Almost time to Burn Clones for Gutter Chips."

In the Gutter Cat Gang Discord, he provided additional information in an announcement, explaining: "Burning Clones for Gutter Chips eta next week."

Stay tuned for updates on this latest twist in farming $GANG and burning clones. The Gutter Cat Times will follow this story and bring you additional information.

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