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SLOW YOUR ROLL: After Over 500k Tweets In 36 Hours, Gutter Grab Hits API Issues & Yugen Says, "Cool It." Find Out More Here:

Updated: Apr 9

The Gutter Cat Gang is a fucking force, heating up the TL this week as Cycle 2 of Gutter Grab kicked off on April 7th!

But can X handle the Gutter torque?! Today, $GANG farmers were greeted with a pop up on the Gutter Grab Dashboard that indicated an API (Application Programming Interface) issue between X and the dashboard. Check it out below.

But what does this mean for $GANG farmers?

Yugen, Gutter's new owner, tweeted this evening, "API issue looks to be fixed in next 8-12 hours based on feedback from X support. As I mentioned just cool it as unsure if points will stick or not during this time. We did over 500k tweets in 36 hours which is insane."

Following Yugen's tweet, GCG member Codeyt.eth (@codeyt_eth) asked, "So no retroactive points from us farming today?"

Yugen replied, "Unclear at this stage, mentioned a few times in discord."

In the Gutter Cat Gang Discord, Yugen shared the API issue earlier this morning at 1:12AM, saying, "Points may not be fully counting so you can calm down a bit on the engagement."

Later this evening, he repeated the information he shared in his tweet above, indicating he is "unsure if points will stick or not during this time."

Time for a breather, $GANG. Maybe touch some grass or catch a nap.

The Gutter Cat Times will keep you updated with the latest information on Gutter Grab and news from the streets of the Gutter.

Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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