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GUTTER GRAB SZN 2 KICKS OFF: The Gutter Cat Gang Hits The Timeline & Yugen Says, "Quality Over Quantity!" Get The Word On The Streets Here:

The timeline is fully torqued and the Gutter Cat Gang is out in full feline force since the launch of Gutter Grab Cycle 2 on April 7th!

On Sunday, the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted, "Gutter Grab Cycle 2 is now open. 30,000 users only. Limited Spots. Sign Up & Connect your wallet to and receive a Gutter Chip multiplier for the amount of Cats you own. Up to 20x Chips. Keep it Gutter. $GANG."

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, on April 4th, Yugen dropped a 3 minute and 13 second video highlighting Cycle 2's focus on Cats and Cat multipliers.

In the video - where THE SKI MASK STAYED ON - Yugen said, "This cycle is all about the Cats. Connect your wallet to to get a Cat multiplier based on how many Cats you own." He explained the multipliers below:

1 Cat = 1.5x Gutter Chips

3 Cats = 2.25x Gutter Chips

5 Cats = 5x Gutter Chips and Instant Gold status, with access to the King sale

10 Cats = 10x Gutter Chips and Instant Platinum status

20 or more Cats = 20x Gutter Chips and you're a fucking Chad

Since launching, the TL has been on fire with $GANG @Guttertoken and @YugenLBS domination!

Check out a few of the Gang's tweets below:

Though we don't yet know how many additional Cycles there will be, Yugen indicated in a reply to ZTuck on April 7th that there will be "probably 4 to 6 maximum" Cycles and "seven day intervals."

This is Day 3, Gang, so keep at it!

Remember, posting unique content about the Gutter is key in Cycle 2: "Quality over quantity, it's that simple."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from the streets of the Gutter about all things Gang. Follow us @guttercattimes on X for more!

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