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YUGEN ROCKS NEW PFP: Gutter's Owner Gets #NewProfilePic By NOMOZ, And The Ski Mask Stays On! Find Out More Here:

The Gutter Cat Gang's new owner is rocking a dope new PFP, courtesy of legendary artist NOMOZ (@NOMOZ_X)!

Earlier this evening, Yugen (@YugenLBS) tweeted, "Meet Yugen. #NewProfilePic Artwork by

@NOMOZ_X (hit them up for work, follow them)." He showed off a profile image with a black hoodie, ski mask, Gang glasses, and 'YUGEN' patch on the shoulder.

Earlier this week, on April 8th, Yugen posted that he would unveil a new profile photo when he reached 10,000 followers.

He reached that milestone today, and currently has 10.4k followers, according to X metrics.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to NOMOZ to find out more about his artwork for the Gutter and how he feels to see Yugen rep his creation.

He said, "I’ve always loved the GCG and the community. The best web3 friendships I have up to this day are from the GCG. I’ve done a lot of edits and derivs for the Gang and I always enjoyed the art style of the Gutter, so this is like the cherry on top (for now)."

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, NOMOZ also created the Gutter's GM mug overlay that you see the Gang rockin' on the TL!

NOMOZ shared, "It feels amazing to see YUGEN with a PFP made by me."

"I love that the energy is super high right now and my TL is all Gutter. I know a lot of it is due to farming $GANG but still, it goes to show that the community is there and it’s as strong as it was back in the day. The project has great potential and the community is dope," he said.

Check out NOMOZ's rad PFP for Yugen below:

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to cover Gutter's artists and all things Gang, all the time.

Follow us @guttercattimes on X for more from the streets of the Gutter.

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