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Gutter Reacts!: Community Members' Thoughts On The Latest GCG Announcement

Gang Gang! Coming in hot the day after a big announcement from the Gutter Cat Gang team.

As the Gutter Cat Times previously shared, Gutter Dan dropped a juicy update in Discord and on Twitter that highlighted 13 priority projects in motion for the Gang. These ranged from an upcoming Twitter Space (8pm EST, Jan 26th) to IP licensing, a Shopify marketplace, and a "stealth" Spring brand partnership.

We reached out to new and veteran community members to get the inside scoop across the Gang. Here's the word on the streets and in the gutter:

@grbizzal, who joined the Gang on Jan 18th following a @LadiesofBAYC x @GutterCatGang Twitter Space, shared, "I'm extremely excited & bullish on GCG, especially after this big announcement." She felt like she got in "at the perfect time" and said it seemed like the "announcement touched on everything the community previously mentioned to the GCG team." @grbizzal added that she'd been looking for a "great project," and is happy to have found it in the Gang.

@Hawl3y, who participated in the first Gutter Focus Groups and has been in the Gang for almost one-year, tweeted "Let's. f*cking. go."

He shared that the announcement felt like a "drop-the-mic" moment. @Hawl3y said, "The post from Dan left me feeling electrified...we've asked for more communication and transparency, and that's what we are getting."

He also kept it real, adding that we can't "presume that a single announcement will serve as an elixir....some still hold on to uncertainty, and we cannot pretend that our work is over." @Hawl3y believes it's "now up to Gutter Labs and the community as a collective to work together and hold ourselves equally accountable."

While @Hawl3y highlighted mutual accountability, @GutterBTC, a GCG member since August, 2021, tweeted that Gutter's proposed Shopify marketplace is an important area to "bridge the gap" to web3 and increase adoption, "which is big."

As @GutterBTC highlighted the Shopify partnership to expand access, @naxeesi (naxeesi.eth Gutter Vato), who joined the Gang when "species mint passes dropped" shared excitement that "the collection is going to start building along with the community."

@naxeesi, a creative and artist, added that "having that support from the collection is going to elevate everyone." Plus, @naxeesi is stoked about sub-communities like the "Makaveli Gang!"

Others, like GCG member @Whoisit58 (impepe.eth), were inspired to write a thread about how the announcement hit. Having joined in "early 2022," he said that he's "feeling good about the updates and progress," and "is especially hyped about the IP licensing opportunities and future activations." Check out his thread for more details!

Lastly, inside the GCG, Gutter Muscle @Stoniphantom, spotlighted in a prior article, said that while there's been mixed sentiment about the Gutter recently, he and the team "are happy with the reception so far" from Dan's announcement. And, he's "excited for everyone to get more details this Thursday at GutterFM!"

Be sure to tune in to the Gutter.FM Twitter Space - Thursday, January 26 at 8:00 PM EST and follow @guttercattimes for all things Gutter. Gang Gang!

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