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Gutter Muscle @Stoniphantom Brings Heart to the Gang

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

For some people, joining the Gutter Cat Gang is an intentional choice. It's about repping a profile photo connected to culture and web3; after all, in 2022 the Gang aired a nationally televised commercial and sponsored a team in ESPN's The Basketball Tournament.

But while some people choose the Gang because of its brand recognition, others stumble upon it, almost as if the Gang chooses them. For Gutter Muscle @Stoniphantom, joining the Gang was more of a "random occurrence" that called to him, and one that ended up transforming his life.

He explains, "One day in August 2021, while scrolling through Twitter, I saw someone’s pink cat. I was immediately hooked," and thought that the Gutter Cat Gang art was "amazing -- like nothing I'd ever seen." He immediately sold off other assets in order to buy in, purchasing Cat #557, with leopard fur and a black tank top (right).

Since his first cat, Stoni has had various PFPs, and is now repping black tatted GCG Cat #1988 (left). Stoni loves being a part of this community: "The gang has influenced me in a lot of good and impactful ways I could never have imagined." He said that he's been able to be himself, and "be accepted" during a "tough time" he was going through: "The support from people when I decided to go sober so I could focus on the gang was so needed and helped me keep powering through..."

For Stoni, the Gang's support runs deep.

"I decided to go full time in web3 and GCG gave me a chance. I didn't want to ruin that by getting drunk...." He said, "I started working for GCG in April of 2022 and I've been held to a [certain] standard...Representing one of the best web3 brands, I just don’t want my actions to hurt the rest of the brand. So I’m clean now."

Not only has the Gang positively impacted Stoni, but Stoni has positively impacted the Gang and is a key influencer. He's one of the highest profile members of the Gutter Cat Gang on Twitter, according to He tweets almost 100 times per day, drawing visibility to the Gang and its lifestyle brand.

@Stoniphantom also creates community within the brand. As "Muscle" of the GCG, Stoni brings a lot of heart and makes connections with folks across the Gutter: "The community is so strong," he said, and "I want the best for all of us together." His passion and visibility help to build the Gang community; one obvious way he does this is by welcoming new members:

Plus, he cranks out derivatives, outfitting the Gang on a regular basis, like his recent Tees with Staple Gutter merch:

When thinking about the Gang's future, he'd like to see the GCG "become one of the best web3 lifestyle brands that represents the underdogs." Stoni sees his role as "being an advocate" for the Gang wherever he goes: "talking to all walks of life about the gang" and how people can join. He's working to collaborate with the community to "bring forth IP partnerships, contacts with industry leaders," and help Gang members accomplish their vision.

He acknowledges that the Gutter is experiencing some turbulence, but, "We're learning from our mistakes," and taking action "to turn the ship around." Stoni shared that "the team appreciates" people "still giving us a shot..." He appreciates everyone who "continues to support us" and says, "Patience pays and so does loyalty. Gang gang!"

Stoni is currently creating edits for the Gang to showcase the art of @iamMRJOUBREL, who recently won the Gutter 2.0 Sticker contest. Any Gang interested in adding these stickers can reach out to @Stoniphantom. Gang gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to spotlight GCG members; shoot a DM on Twitter to @guttercattimes with ideas for Gang members to feature!

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