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First Gutter Focus Groups: Recap and Members' Insights!

Gang Gang! Coming in hot with news from the Gutter! On Thursday, 1/12/23, Gutter Founders and Team launched their first ever Gutter focus groups with members of the GCG community.

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier this week, Gutter Mitch said in Discord that "semi-regular focus groups" are a way to get "constructive feedback and suggestions," and prioritize members' ideas. GCG members submitted Google Forms to indicate interest to participate.

Today, 1/13, Gutter Mitch shared a Tweet and Discord summary from the focus groups, shouting out GCG members as "passionate, talented, and impressive people" that the team is excited to build alongside. He highlighted common themes from the sessions for the Gang to focus on, including:

  • Marketing, messaging, and communications

  • Clarity around tiers, future activation, and vision

  • Gamification

  • Lore, worldbuilding, storytelling

  • Empowering and amplifying creators within the community

  • Enabling IP licensing opportunities

  • Facilitating networking, community meet ups, and sub-communities

  • Monetizing Web2 channels and making products more accessible

The Gutter Cat Times connected with several focus group participants to get their insights on the conversation and direction for the Gang:

@Hawl3y, a Gutter member for almost a year, said that, "The team was thoughtful and attentive," and "listened carefully to our input." He indicated that the GCG team also "expressed their commitment to doing better at providing updates" and increasing "transparency." @Hawl3y added that he's "confident that through all our voices, Gutter will become a pillar for the entire web3 community. In Gutter We Trust." Gang Gang!

Additionally, @GutterBTC, a GCG member since August 2021, said, "We probably could have chatted for hours," and what really "hit home was remembering to build alongside the community..." @GutterBTC initially connected with the Gang though the art, cultural, and sports' references.

He sees "a lot potential with story telling" for the GCG and thinks "all the pieces are there for GCG to succeed -- just have to find the right glue to connect them all. Gang Gang!"

@mfhornjr, a GCG Kingpin, said, "The passion we all have for the brand is evident..." He added that it was important to recognize how "great things were going for the majority of the project's lifespan," and then "the $GANG misstep...created a disconnect within the community's expectations." @mfhornjr felt that Focus Group participants were "able to voice our opinions that the Founders must move on...and refocus on making the Gutter fun again."

He believes the GCG team is "dedicated to creating better communication," and would like to see GCG holding Spaces and conversations from the gutter. He added, "there are a ton of good minds in the gutter!" Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to track the Gutter's implementation of these ideas and share with the community. Follow @guttercattimes for the latest gutter news!

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