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Gutter Guzzles: Early Birds Got Cred, Won Juice

Gang Gang from the Gutter, and happy Ratuesday!

Yesterday, March 6th, The Gutter Cat Gang dropped juices to a bunch of holders in the community and tweeted, "Congrats on winning the Early Bird Cred Juice Giveaway! Gang mf Gang!"

As The Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, the GCG initially tweeted on Feb 21st that "Early birds get the worm and the Early Bird Credential on their Gutter Profiles." They encouraged the Gang to create their profiles at the new hub.

The Gang followed up on their Feb 21st tweet with another that said: "Don't miss the chance to collect all Season 1 Gutter Credentials."

Though the community doesn't yet know what the "Season 1 Gutter Credentials" might be or what rewards may be offered, we know from a late January Gutter FM Twitter Space that @gutterbt highlighted credentials as ways for the GCG to "reward users" and as incentives for "secret stuff coming in the future."

We also know that Gutter Ric recently tweeted cryptic emojis and a question mark, which some members speculate may be connected to being a full set holder, a trilogy holder, a Kingpin, and full set badge holder.

The Gutter Cat Times talked with two of the juice winners. One, bmargz (@bmargz111), got in "about a week" after mint, and has been in the Gang ever since. bmargz has "always liked the discord vibes...It's not everywhere you can make friends with strangers talking about the aesthetics of cartoon cats." Even in the bear market, bmargz is excited about the future for the Gutter, and said: "GCG has always surprised me in a good way and being lucky enough to win a cat juice was just another example. Gang Gang!" Congrats on the juice!

David | DBok1.Eth (@BokmanDavid) was also stoked to win: "Who doesn't like winning?? Makes you feel appreciated...waking up to a surprise in my wallet always puts a smile on my face...To celebrate, I had to pop it open!"

This morning he tweeted, "GM....decided to pop a cat juice this morning to start the day. Rolled this clean mfer!"

David joined the gang when clones first came out. Being in the Gutter, he's a big fan of the community. He's "met and networked with a lot of great people, and is excited for the things the Gang is building together."

He's also building with his own IP at: Gang can check out his site and how he's incorporating the Gutter into his IRL career. Congrats on the Juice and the new Cat!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow information about credentials and any connections to Gutter Ric's mysterious tweet. Gang Gang!

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