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Gutter Ric Drops Cryptic Emoji-Filled Tweet: Gang Speculates

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

On Friday, March 3rd, just after 8PM EST, the Gang's Gutter Ric (@gutterric) dropped a mysterious tweet filled with emojis, including: a cat, the numbers 4 and 3, a crown, a name badge, fire, a red balloon, and an egg." The tweet ends with a question mark.

Immediately, the Gang went into guessing mode, piecing together this cryptic combination. @eLBizzle.eth (@ML_Beesknees) wrote, "Okay my take...Cats, Full Sets, Trilogies, Kingpin, Name Badge emoji (never see it before but that's the description), then fire. Then we've got a little gap in time and space before we see a red balloon and then another gap before an egg appears?"

Grant Flannery (@grantpat) tweeted, "Cat owners, full set owners, trilogy holders, kingpins and full set badge holders will get airdropped something fire on 4/3 which is easter."

He then revised his code-breaking guess, and also later acknowledged that Easter is April 9th this year. Grant's updated thoughts included, "Ok here is my revision thanks to @Pops_eth_. Cat owners, full set holders, trilogy holders, kingpins and full set badge holders will get airdropped something or you burn to get an airdrop on easter."

Other responses may be a little further from the mark, though given the ambiguous emojis, we can't say for sure. BULLFATHER.eth (@BullFath3r) tweeted, "According to this post by @gutterric of @GutterCatGang, the GCG has 43 smirk faced gutter cats who are also kings not on fire, but on fire, so that the hot air balloon can rise, right before the cat lays the egg… can I get a hallelujah? He’s on some good sheeeeeet."

John Carl (@CrazyCryptoCarl) seemed to be thinking along the same lines as BULLFATHER, saying, "Ric did you eat an edible again?" Gutter Ric replied, "possibly."

What do you think, Gang? The Gutter Cat Times will be following this emoji story and bring you the latest news from the Gutter. Gang Gang!

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