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Street Cred: Set Up Gutter Profile To Get Early Bird Credential & Chance To Win Gutter Juice

Gang Gang!

Incoming from the Gutter Cat Gang this evening: a Tweet that says, "Early birds get the worm & the Early Bird Credential on their Gutter Profiles."

The Gang added, "Eligibility to earn the Early Bird Cred ends Feb 28. After, 6 Early Bird Cred holders will be randomly selected to receive a Gutter Juice digital collectible."

The Gang pointed GCG members to their website to create their profile:

The Gang then tweeted, "Don't miss the chance to collect all Season 1 Gutter Credentials."

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, during the Gutter FM Twitter Space on 1/26, @gutterbt highlighted credentials as ways for the GCG to "reward users" and as incentives for "secret stuff coming in the future."

During that Space, the Gutter Cat Gang team also mentioned that credentials will "reward people for showing up and showing out, and for collecting, participating, and developing IP."

Gang Gang! Get your credentials on before February 28th, and get ready for more Gutter fun and rewards.

Stay tuned to @guttercattimes for updates!

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