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Gutter Goes Thermal-Mode: GCG Creator Brings Melo Heat To His Art!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang's stoked for the upcoming June 29th GutterMelo drop of a limited edition sneaker collab with global sportswear brand PUMA x Charlotte Hornets' star, LaMelo Ball.

Gutter creator Bear (@kahraman_nas) is spicing up his art with some GutterMelo flava, similar to the thermal-mode kicks the Gang recently got a look at.

Inspired by the sneakers' colors, Bear, who outfits the Gang community with custom cars, created an image to support the GutterMelo drop.

The image (below) includes a custom Lambo in thermal-mode colors, LaMelo Ball wearing GCG pants, a gold jacket, and tossing a basketball, and a Gutter Cat running towards him. Both the Cat and Lamelo are rocking the GutterMelo kicks!

Bear told the Gutter Cat Times, "I'm really looking forward to the drop! The Cat was based on a post the GCG did, and the whole image is to support the Melo drop - the shoes look amazing!"

The Gang is down with the GutterMelo vibe Bear's creating, and can reach out to him for info on how to get a custom Twitter banner or other design!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to spotlight Gutter's creators as well as any Melo-ed up art and edits. Gang Gang!

Follow us @guttercattimes for all things gutter, all the time.

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