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Gutter My Ride: GCG Member Creates Custom Cars For The Gang!

Vroom, vroom from the Gutter!

With the Gutter Cat Gang's focus on street culture and sports, it's no surprise that cool cars are an extension of the Gang Gang vibe.

Bear (@kahraman_nas) is gutter-fying cars and creating banners for the Gang, pimping their rides in Gutter style!

SpaceMexManny recently showed off Bear's creativity, tweeting, "Thank you @kahraman_nas for crafting this amazing custom Twitter banner for me. LOVE IT. Gang Gang!"

After SpaceMexManny posted this custom banner, the Gang showed up to admire Bear's work: technͭoͤvͨeͪins (@GirlWhoShivers) said, "this is dope!" and Captain Fabulous Jr. III (@TheMiddleUrinal) added, "Oh that's sick. Gg."

Bear's been in the NFT space for almost 2-years, and said, "From the moment I landed here, I spotted the Gutter art. I instantly fell in love with the style, the art is amazing - it's lit." He got into creating art at a young age, and had focused on 2D, then moved to 3D. Bear's skillset is based around game art, an industry he's looking to be a part of.

He's "very bullish on the Gang, and looking forward to the amazing things to come in the future from the Gutter Cat Gang." He's also stoked on the people he's met in the Gutter, saying, "it's an awesome, kind, and brilliant community to be part of."

Bear hooked up another GCG creative, W0rmiOo.eth, with the old skool car below, and W0rmiOo tweeted, "Let's ride. GG."

The Gang can check out more of Bear's work on Foundation or Open Sea, and definitely hit him up to customize a banner with a Gang Gang ride for your Gutter vibe!

Follow @guttercattimes for community spotlights, news, and more from the gutter.

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