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Claws Out: Gutter Comics Introduces Feline Boss, Tony Claw

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Lots of action in the Gutter Cat Gang, with both the GCG team and community projects dropping hints about upcoming activations.

Today's word on the Gutter streets dropped from Kingpin Comics: "Gutter Cat #280 playing Tony Claw. Tony Claw is the undisputed leader of the feline underworld in the city, holding the title of 'Boss of all Bosses.' He commands one of the most formidable gangs in the city, instilling fear in those who cross him."

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Gutter's Kingpin DAO is behind this creative comic, and the team spearheading its development includes Kebo (@davekebo), Anaroth (@Anaroth__) MokesLokes (@MokesLokes) and $boat (@boat_eth).

Gutter Cat #280, AKA Tony Claw, is a 6-Trait Cat with Calico Fur, Squinted Yellow Eyes, Rows Hair, Dog Tags Necklace, Pimp Shirt, and a Pink Background.

$boat told the GCT that he "doesn't want to give too much up," about the comics, but can confirm that Tony Claw "is one of the main characters of the story."

The Open Sea wallet holding Tony Claw is owned by KINGPIN_COMICS, and also holds 4 other OG Cats, 2 OG Dogs, 1 OG Pigeon, and 8 Clones.

At this time it is unclear whether these assets will play a role in the upcoming comic.

Following the Kingpin Comics tweet, folks from the Gang community showed up stoked on the TL, with ben.gcg.eth reacting, "That's a baaaaad mfin cat," and Hawl3y saying, "Legend. I would not cross the boss."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Kingpin Comics as they drop more breadcrumbs and as the product launches. Gang Gang!

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