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Kingpin Comics Drops Teaser: Gutter Armageddon Is Coming

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Friday!

Kingpin Comics dropped another teaser yesterday; this tweet said, "Not all visitors come in peace," and included a black and white frame of an alien-like figure outfitted with some serious weaponry.

Money Plane Idol followed up with the same alien image and added, "Rumors of the @GutterCatGang's demise are exaggerated. Unfortunately for them, someone has arrives to finish the job. Gutter Armageddon is coming."

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Gutter's Kingpin DAO is cooking up this creative comic, and the team spearheading its development includes Kebo (@davekebo), Anaroth (@Anaroth__) MokesLokes (@MokesLokes) and $boat (@boat_eth).

On March 30th, Kingpin Comics (@kingpincomic) dropped their first hints at what's to come, with the red-eyed alien and black and white frames below.

Gang are stoked about the emerging art, with Case saying, "dang, this looks badass." Money Plan Idol shouted out the artist, saying, "@MokesLokes on the 1s and 2s."

No release date as of yet, Gang, but stay tuned! @guttercattimes will follow Gutter Armageddon and bring news and updates to the community! Gang Gang!

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