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What's Gutter Got Cooking?: Cryptic Tweet Sparks Speculation

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Things heating up in the Gutter today, as the Gutter Cat Gang dropped a cryptic tweet.

"Something's cooking in the contaminated pond on the east side of Gutter City..." the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted at 4:20PM. As of this writing, the tweet has over 38k views.

Immediately the Gang got busy speculating about the pond image and its "Easter eggs," trying to decipher hidden clues. (Shoutout to BULLFATHER.eth (@BullFath3r) for the brighter image below)!

gutter.bloke guessed, "Clone wars incoming. king pins, OG holders, full set holders, full credentials. All rewarded. That's how I'm reading it??"

Ξrwinium (@Erwinium1) shared some thorough sleuthing, including speculation about a "clone burn" and wondering if "Gutter City Garden" is a nod to "Madison Square Garden," with a "basketball or sports activation," perhaps?

Ξrwinium added, "And, is it me, or does that yellow wire look like a 6? As in the sixth month? Is this activation coming in June??"

Though we don't know much for certain, the Gang got confirmation coming straight from Gutter Mitch that whatever is coming is "not a membership collectible. Not a paid mint."

Whatever it is, and whenever it drops, Gang, it looks like it'll be something big. And it looks like, according to Gutter Ric, it sure as hell's gonna be fun!

The Gutter Cat Times will follow this story and the Gutter trail of breadcrumbs. Gang MF Gang! Drop your guesses in the comments and let's see how this mystery plays out.

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