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Gutter Armageddon: Get Hyped For Kingpin Comic

The Gutter's Kingpin DAO is cooking up something creative, and the Gang got a sneak peek the other day!

@kingpindao tweeted, "Kingpin DAO funded a project using Web3 IP to create a new comic series called 'Gutter Armageddon' - coming soon. @kingpincomic (Art by @MokesLokes)"

The tweet included a picture of several black and white frames, including a fireball and a scenic farm. Another frame shows an illustration of a space craft, with two Gutter Cats looking on; one holds a pitchfork and the other holds a firearm.

A separate tweet by Kingpin Comics (@kingpincomic) included a warrior-alien with red eyes and said, "Armageddon is coming to the Gutter."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to a few of the Kingpin DAO members involved in the Gutter Armageddon project for additional information.

$boat (@boat_eth) explained, "Kingpin Comics was funded by Kingpin DAO and the team is Kebo (@davekebo), Anaroth (@Anaroth__) MokesLokes (@MokesLokes) and myself."

$boat joined the Gang over a year ago, and loves the Gutter Cat Gang art. He wanted to use his Gutter IP "to help get more eyes on the project." He said, "One day I just wrote character bios for my assets and came up with a plot of a story." He got the others involved to contribute to the story and art, and develop the comic.

$boat added, "Right now, our artist, MokesLokes, is coloring each page. We want to make sure it's super high quality, so we don't want to give a release timeframe at the moment."

MokesLokes has been drawing since he was a kid and then went to art school. He's now working as a live action storyboard artist. He's "stoked to introduce a whole new audience to the Gutter community through story telling."

Kebo said that in their tweet, they wanted to tease a bit of the art as it was "in process."

Following Kingpin DAO's teaser tweet, the Gang showed how hyped they are, with Gutter Mitch throwing out 3 flames and Midsy.eth (@TheMidsLife) tweeting, "LETS GOOOOOOOO."

$boat said, "We're excited to see our first comic come to life," and he's looking forward to receiving feedback from readers.

The Gang is stoked for Gutter Armageddon comic to launch and appreciate the contribution these Kingpins are making to the Gutter Cat Gang!

@guttercattimes will continue to follow along as these four develop and drop the comic. Gang Gang!

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