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THERE ARE ONLY 3,000 CATS: Yugen Tweet Hints At Advantages To Hodling A Cat In Advance Of Szn 2 Of 'Gutter Grab!' Here's What We Know About Cats, Wallets, & The Next Video:

Somethin' cookin' in the Gutter, so best get in the kitchen or get outta the way!

Since assuming full ownership of the Gutter Cat Gang on March 15th, Yugen (@YugenLBS) launched the long-awaited $Gang token, kicking off a Gutter Grab experience where participants earned chips by posting on X. Over 1.5 million individual posts from the community were tracked during a 7-day period.

Today, Yugen tweeted, "There are only 3,000 cats and you will want one next week for reasons relating to Gutter Grab. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE."

As The Gutter Cat Times previously reported, the first season of Gutter Grab kicked off on March 15th, and wrapped up on March 23rd. The winner of season 1 was GCG member Greasy (@G_R_Easy), who topped the leaderboard with 452.2k chips!

Following the first cycle, the Gutter Cat Gang X account tweeted, "We will announce the next cycle launch date and the updated rules within the next 7 days."

Since that tweet, Yugen has dropped Easter eggs in the GCG Discord and on X about what Gang can expect in cycle 2 of Gutter Grab. Here's what we know so far:

  1. Cats will play an important role.

Yugen's tweet above suggests, "There are only 3,000 cats and you will want one next week for reasons relating to Gutter Grab."

In the GCG Discord today, SugarMan asked, "Rats, Dogs & Pigeons not helpful for Gutter Grab?" Yugen replied, "Yes, but proportionally to supply and price of Cats."

2. GCG assets should be in one wallet (not multiple) or on a Ledger (or similar cold wallet).

Earlier tonight, Sebyg (@SebyGNFT) asked "@YugenLBS if my cat is on a ledger do I need to send it to my other waller for szn 2? Yugen responded. "If you're not comfortable with connecting your ledger to Guttergrab, yes. Take your time, don't push and triple check everything.

Additionally, on March 27th, in the GCG Discord, MetaFool asked, "Yo, Yugen, should I keep a cat in my trading wallet or will we be able to connect multiple wallets to our account?" Yugen said, "You will at this stage only be able to connect 1x wallet to gutter grab. Prepare accordingly."

3. A new video will drop next week with additional information on the next cycle of Gutter Grab.

In Discord earlier today, Yugen indicated, "New video next week, resting a bit this weekend."

On X, Yugen added, "Touch some grass this weekend, because you’ll be on twitter farming a lot again soon."

Get ready, Gang! Something's definitely brewing in the Gutter, so keep gas in the tank and your foot on the accelerator!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow this story and bring you news on Gutter Grab. Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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