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ONE WEEK & OVER 1.5 MILLION TWEETS: 'Gutter Grab' Takes A Break After The Gutter Cat Gang Dominates The TL! Find Out More Here:

The Gutter Cat Gang showed TF up this week, dominating the TL with $Gang $Gang tweets in hopes of accumulating $GANG tokens.

On March 15th, Gutter's new owners launched Gutter Grab, a site to "Create, Share, Engage, and Earn" Gang chips, which are connected to the long awaited $GANG Token.

Yesterday, Gutter Cat Gang tweeted, "Gutter Grab has been closed. During this cycle we tracked 1,500,000 + individual posts from the community over a 7 day period. We will announce the next cycle launch date and the updated rules within the next 7 days. For now, kick back enjoy the weekend and Keep It Gutter."

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, Gutter's Anon new owner, Yugen, dropped a video last week, appearing in an all-black ensemble that included a now legendary ski mask, black hoodie, glasses, and a NY Yankees baseball cap.

He explained that he and his team have 100% ownership of the Gutter Cat Gang and its assets, and the company has moved to the Cayman Islands, outside of the U.S.

"We're here to provide outcomes," he said, "and we're starting with the Gutter token, $GANG." He encouraged the community to "Grab your $GANG" and head to 'Gutter Grab,' saying "Everyone can create and engage to earn."

With $GANG in play, Gutter farmers came out in full force over the past week, posting over 1.5 million individual tweets and tagging @Guttertoken, @YugenLBS, and $GANG.

Check out a little snapshot of the Gang's posts below!

As of March 23rd, Cycle 1 has ended. The Gutter Grab site indicates that "Tracking has ceased until the next cycle begins. Get some rest and prepare for the next cycle."

No date or information has been shared as of yet about what Cycle 2 holds; more information will be available "within the next 7 days," according to the GCG's tweet.

Stay tuned for more info from the Gutter Cat Times on Cycle 1's leaderboard members and what's in store for Cycle 2.

Congrats on the 1.5+ million tweets this past week, fam! LFG! Keep it Gutter.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you updates from the Gutter on all things Gang Gang. Follow us @guttercattimes on X for more news from the streets.

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