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LEADER OF THE PACK: GCG Member Greasy Tops The Gutter Grab Leaderboard As Cycle 1 Comes To A Close! Find Out More Here:

The Gutter Cat Gang hustled this past week, but no one hit the TL as hard as this slick GCG member!

Greasy (@G_R_Easy) took home the 'W' yesterday with 452.2k chips, as Gutter Grab Cycle 1 came to a close after a week-long flurry of Gang Gang activity dominated the TL.

When new owners launched Gutter Grab last Friday, March 15th, the race for the top spot was on to earn Gang chips, which link to the Gutter's long awaited $GANG Token.

"Life at the top of the Gutter Grabs leaderboard," Greasy tweeted recently, showing off a meme of the 'Top $Gang Farmoor," flipping the bird, kissing a woman, and spraying champagne to mark his victory over Kingpins and Full Set Holders.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Greasy to find out what life is like as the Gutter Grab leader and learn about the moves that got him to the top spot!

He said, "It's a cool feeling, but I do feel like there are people that deserve it more, especially JD (@JD3Studios), who I was chasing for most of the week." JD ended up with 400.5k to Greasy's 452.2k chips.

Greasy explained, "I started out just tweeting and replying flat out, but then focused more on retweeting all of the other great Gutter tweets. The only real secret was consistency and just spending 5-10 mins at the top of every hour smashing the RT button."

Clearly that strategy was a winning one, as his closest competitor, Glowie, ended with 422k chips to Greasy's 452.2k. Check out the Leaderboard below:

Greasy got into the Gutter when Juices minted, and bought his first OG shortly thereafter. For his PFP, he rocks Gutter Cat #987, a 5-trait feline with Calico Fur, Scruffy Beard, Circle Shades, Toothpick, and a Purple Background.

He told the GCT, "I'm stoked to have the vibes back. Everyone in the Gutter - even those who have been sitting on the sidelines - have just been waiting for a reason to be excited and we have plenty of reasons now."

Greasy added, "It's wild to think that we're only one week into the Yugen Gutter era. Imagine where this thing will be in a month, let alone 6 months or a year!"

Congrats on the #1 Gutter Grab spot, Gang!

As new owner Yugen (@YugenLBS) and the Gutter Cat Gang shared yesterday, they will share the next cycle launch date and the updated rules within the next 7 days.

Stay tuned to the Gutter Cat Times for updates on the next cycle and more from the streets and alleys of the Gutter! Follow us on X for all things Gang Gang all the time.

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