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Swish!: Gutter Arcade Launches New Game With A Sizzling Grand Prize!

Gang Gang, and happy Friday from the Gutter!

Get your hoops on, Gang, 'cause there's a fresh game taking flight at the Gutter Arcade and an eye-popping grand prize to get your Gutter adrenaline pumping!

The newest game, Gutter Flight, is a Free Throw Challenge, and based on The Gutter Cat Times' experience, is deceptively harder than it looks!

As if the fresh game wasn't enough excitement, Gutter Arcade just dropped the latest prize reveal for the winner, tweeting, "The #1 overall score for @GutterFlight Free Throw Challenge will receive a...

Brand new 50-inch LED 4K UHD TV!!! And that's just the beginning!! More prizes to follow for the Top 10, 100, 500!!"

Daaaaaaammn, Gang! The Arcade is bringing the heat and keeps turning up the burner!

The Gutter Arcade initiative launched in late January, via a Puffer Gang x Community First collaboration, with the goal to build community, have fun, and bring value to the Gang and others.

The first game, "Almost 2050" was a "Gutter twist" on the iconic, 2048, where players used arrow keys or swiped a screen to move tiles.

Next up was "Something Something," followed by "Gut-Ter," the most recent game that had the look and feel of the classic Pac-man arcade game. That game wrapped up earlier this evening.

Past prizes have included the following:

  • Crazy Carl Collective Genesis Token

  • Supreme Skatedeck

  • Stadium Goods Dad Hat

  • @RegularRuben rolling trays

  • $50 @GutterPrints voucher

  • Arcade Machine

  • Authentic BAYC hoodie

So, drop whatever you're doing this weekend, and go shoot hoops! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter!

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