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GutterGames: GCG Community Hits The Arcade!

Gang Gang! Today the GCG got their first taste of #GutterGames, launched by the Puffer Gang, and the race for the top score is on like Donkey Kong!

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, MagnumAPI (@amazzara), @r0seNY, and the Puffer Gang conceived of the arcade-style games to spark "new and exciting ways for the Gutter community to expand, create value, and have fun."

The gaming platform is designed to "foster a sense of community and interaction," and includes a token-system that will "generate long-term equity value for GCG holders/players and other friendly communities."

The game is a "Gutter twist" on the iconic 2048, where players swipe or use arrow keys to move tiles. Tiles with the same number merge into one when they come together.

As soon as @r0seNY tweeted the link, the community immediately jumped in, tweeting about their high scores and gunning for the leaderboard.

@MoonFue1 tweeted, "Brilliant fun. Easily the furthest I've ever gone at this game. Thanks for putting it together!"

As @r0seNY shared later, the top five performers will win leather rolling trays provided by GCG member @Regular Ruben, an example of "by community - for community."

Even Gutter Karlee is going to "take a crack at it!"

Stay tuned to @guttercattimes for more #GutterGames updates, high scores, and reactions from the Gang and other communities! Gang Gang!

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