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Gutter Arcade Goes Live: Something Something Happening In The Gang

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Gang Gang to all you Gutter gamers! The Puffer Gang x Community First Gutter Arcade is now live and you can get in on the action!

Earlier tonight, @r0seNY, tweeted, "Okay, and now we're finally live for everybody!" The latest game is called "Something Something," and players need to arrange blocks to form as many rows and columns as possible before running out of space.

The Gutter arcade was launched recently by the Puffer Gang to spark "new and exciting ways for the Gutter community to expand, create value, and have fun."

The first game launched in the arcade was "Almost 2050," a "Gutter twist" on the iconic 2048, where players swipe or use arrow keys to move tiles.

The "Something Something" Gutter Arcade art was created by @NOMOZ_X, a Crypto Artist ✘ Co-founder of Crypto Tats (@CTxNOMOZ).

MagnumAPI (@amazzara1) shared that the prize for winning "Something Something" will be a Crazy Carl Collective Genesis Token! (

Meanwhile, @MoneyPlaneIdol is getting into the Community First initiative with an Open Edition of "Press Start," which "commemorates the first step in creating a memorable gaming experience; the start screen." It depicts a gamer standing at arcade game with a pigeon perched on their shoulder.

Over 5,000 participants joined in the initial "Almost 2050" game, and @hookemheels22 emerged victorious.

Let's see who's got game in this next round! Follow @guttercattimes for leaderboard updates. Gang Gang!

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