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READY TO RUMBLE: Gutter Records & AWeezy Drop Latest Track, "Royal Rumble!" Find Out How To Mint For Free:

Back with a new track, Gutter Records is at it again, dropping the latest and greatest single from their label!

Gutter Cat Gang member AWeezy (@AweezyNFT) is coming for the crown with his new song, "Royal Rumble," the third track of the new year.

"World Premiere," Gutter Records' tweeted yesterday.

"Powered by Gutter Records   

Aweezy 'Royal Rumble' (Produced by MF GOON)

Anybody can get it @Aweezy.

NFT Free Mint. Open for 48 hours. Link in comments."

As AwWeezy says in 'Royal Rumble,' "We pursuing big wins, I move like a kingpin..." Gutter Records is on the move, dropping three tracks during the past three weeks!

AWeezy's earlier tracks dropped in 2024 - "Out the Gate" and "Time is Money," featured collaborators like Cyhi the Prynce (a frequent Kanye West collaborator) and and Anwar HighSign.

This latest single is produced by MF GOON. As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, MF GOON also produced AWeezy's first free single available for the Gutter to mint, “Dipset in 97."

Check out the cover for "Royal Rumble" below!

Gutter Records started building in August of 2023, and AWeezy (@AWeezyNFT), one of its core members, told the GCT, "We're aiming to be a pivotal content delivery network that integrates the realms of web2 and web3 and connects artists and audiences in dynamic new ways."

Gang and other communities can pick up this latest track here: Get on it and support he homies!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter Records and GCG's creators and artists. Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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