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GUTTER GROOVE: GCG Member Aweezy Drops Debut Gutter Records Single

Get your Gutter groove on, Gang!

The Gutter is hot this evening after this Alien Gutter Cat beamed down a banger on the Gang!

Gutter Cat Gang community member AWeezy (@AWeezyNFT) and Gutter Records (@gutterrecordz) dropped their first song today, and it's fuckin' lit!

Gutterrecordz tweeted, "Underpromise, Overdeliver. The Voice of the People, The Sound of the Streets! The First Drop from Gutter Records. @AweezyNFT “Dipset in 97” (produced by MF GOON). Exclusive Content Download/Mint (100 available) at"

This first track, "Dipset in 97," drops lines like: " how quick I can flip a bird,

shittin' on competition with my pigeons on the curb," and "Closet full of Monclear puffers with the goose down, better clone my DNA 'cause I got the juice now!"

Fuuuuuuuck! Total heater.

Along with the song, Gutter Records dropped some accompanying art by Gutter's Joubrel (@iamMRJOUBREL) Check it out below:

The Gutter community is fired up on the TL, with cleanny.eth tweeting, "These legends about to melt faces @AWeezyNFT @gutterbeats_eth," and Earthchild wrote, "Got mine! Shit is slappin', nyc gangsta shit let's go! @gutterrecordz."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to AWeezy and GutterBeats.eth, and hadn't heard back by the time of publication. Stay tuned for more over the next couple of days!

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Gutter Records is "aiming to be a pivotal content delivery network that seamlessly integrates the realms of web2 and web3," according to AWeezy.

Head over to for the free mint / download of Gutterrecordz drop. Gang MF Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you the word and beats on the streetz from Gutterrecordz. Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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