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Gutter Records: Word On The Streetz Is Gang Are Laying' Down Beats! Find Out What's Dropping

Mic check in the Gutter!

Get ready to spin that vinyl, Gang, 'cause Gutter Records has got somethin' in the works.

Recently, AWeezy (@AweezyNFT) tweeted, "We're just like the rest of you, we put our pants on one leg at at time. But once our pants are on, we make gold records." His tweet was accompanied by a Gutter Records logo with a cool AF Beanie Gang Cat chillin' with headphones around his neck.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to AWeezy to get the inside scoop on Gutter Records and what the Gang can expect.

AWeezy said, "Gutter Records is at the forefront of a digital media renaissance. Our ambition transcends traditional boundaries, aiming to be a pivotal content delivery network that seamlessly integrates the realms of web2 and web3."

He added that Gutter Records has a vision of creating content from music to podcasts and other digital media ventures. They'll also have limited edition merch and "interactive platforms to connect artists and audiences in dynamic new ways."

He told the GCT, "We want to under-promise and overdeliver," so he wouldn't give too much away about what the team at Gutter Records is building.

"But," he added, "We are planning to start teasing stuff."

Gutter Records is keepin' it real, with AWeezy recently tweeting, "No false promises or narratives, just real shit." @DIMENSIONHOPPER said, "Love to see some OGs firing up gutter records."

The Gang is here for it, and can't wait to see what Gutter Records drops next!

Stay tuned to Gutter Cat Times for updates on this dope Gutter project! Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gang Gang, all the time.

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