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PRESS PLAY: GCG Member Bouncebackon1 Brings Gutter Records' Beats To Life With Poetry & Video Edits!

The Gutter Cat Gang's got creativity pulsing through its veins, and this GCG member is on a hot streak, dropping his poetry to Gutter Records (@gutterrecordz) beats!

Bouncebackon1 recently tweeted, "#PressPlay Took 1 of @gutterrecordz FreeBeats & laced 1 of my spoken word pieces over it. Also did the video edit featuring members from @GutterCatGang @BeanieGangg @guttercattimes @RoiiDzz @gutterbeats_eth @0xsavvy @AweezyNFT @cryptoohomer @queenofhomer @KidJeweler22"

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, Bouncebackon1 runs "Jailbird Tattoos," an inking business in Cambodia. He learned his skills while serving roughly 15 straight years in prison.

He told the GCT, "At one point in time I was sent to the hole - solitary confinement - for 18 months, which was my breaking point and turning point. I began to remake myself. During that stint in the hole, I began to use art as my lifeline and start making my way towards freedom."

In this recent creative outlet, spoken word poetry, Bouncebackon1 dropped lines like, "Body of an immigrant / heart of a prisoner / mind of an artist / with a soul that is starving.." and got love from AWeezy, who drops tracks for Gutter Records.

Bouncebackon1 explained, "Let me give a shout to Gutter Records & Beanie Gang & the whole fam there for putting the GutterBeats out and allowing anyone to use 'em."

He was working on his own pieces and experimenting with aligning his poetry to music, and said, 'Why not use a beat that was created by someone in the community?' What a perfect opportunity to highlight someone's else work while also sharing a piece of me. I'm just happy people are able to vibe out."

Bouncebackon1 added, "Editing and using the community's PFPs, I wanted to show that community members can bring value in the ways they're able to. My view of the Gutter is global, and our reach can keep expanding."

Check out his expanded edit of Gutter community and additional spoken word with beats below:

Bouncebackon1 told the GCT, "I kid you not. Growing up I was told I would either be dead in the streets or life behind bars. I've gone from the Gutter to the Gutter transforming negatives into positives."

He also said he's still in search of his first OG Cat, and added, "Which one of you Legends wanna bless me with one??? I gotta throw it out into the universe. Can't blame a Gutter for trying!"

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Bouncebackon1's poetry and Gutter Records beats, bringing updates to the community. Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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