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GUTTER INK: GCG's bouncebackon1 Makes A Mark Using Gang IP & Jailbird Skillz In Tattoo Business

This Gutter Cat Gang member is making his mark, putting the ink slinging skillz he learned while locked up to design and give tattoos to others.

GCG's bouncebackon1.eth (@BounceBackOn2) launched his JailBird Tattoos' business in Cambodia, and recently tweeted, "For those in the South East Asian Region @GutterCatGang Hit Me Up if you wanna Get Inked Up. Special Discount 4 all #GangMembers."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to bouncebackon1 to find out more about how he got into the Gang and carved a path in the tattoo business.

He shared, "I have a crazy backstory, Gang. I grew up in SoCal. Got locked up very early on at the age of 16. Ended up doing roughly 15 years straight. At one point in time I was sent to the hole - solitary confinement - for 18 months, which was my breaking point and turning point. I began to remake myself." "I know all too well about gangs and gang violence, and during that stint in the hole, I began to use art as my lifeline and start making my way towards freedom," he explained.

Bouncebackon1 picked up tattooing with 5-years left in his term in order to help out a friend. It became a side hustle, and he learned everything he could, from making a tattoo gun to homemade ink. The piece on the left below was done on the inside using his homemade tools:

He told the GCT, "In 2010 I signed my parole papers, and as I was signing, immigration came for me. I was a refugee who came to America at the age of 1 having fled genocide in Cambodia. I was deported and sent to Cambodia in 2011 with nothing: no Passport, no I.D., and just the clothes on my back. I had to survive, and here I am 12-years later. I'm a survivor, straight from the Gutter."

Bouncebackon1 has continued to tattoo professionally, building his JailBird Tattoos business. Below is a picture of him tattooing Conrad Keely, lead vocalist for American alternative rock band, "And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead."

He initially joined the Gutter Cat Gang because of a friend, and stayed because: "I can relate to the whole brand & image, and I think having a basketball team playing in the TBT is one of the coolest things I have come across in this space."

Bouncebackon1 has a strong Gutter ethos. He started in the GCG with a Clone and has worked to acquire 3 of the 4 OGs: "The Cat is the elusive one that has been out of range."

He added, "This web3 journey has been invaluable with all of the amazing people I have met from all over the globe. I'm connecting and sometimes making lifetime friendships. I am eternally grateful to still be here."

The GCG is grateful for bouncebackon1, too. And if Gutter community members are ever in Cambodia or the Southeast Asia region, hit him up for a chat and a tat! Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow bouncebackon1 and other GCG community members living their Gutter lives and using Gutter IP. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter.

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Shawn Conrey
Shawn Conrey
Aug 20, 2023

Bouncebackon1 Story should be an inspiration to all. I too know all about making a comeback from hitting a low point in life. I also have done time in prison and turned my life around. I currently am a successful business owner in sunny SWFL. also slowly making a name for myself in web3. love the fact I have the chance to interact with someone like him. Enjoy being able to be a friend of his in web3. ItsHurtsSZN

Aug 21, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for reading, and I couldn’t agree more! Honored to share his story and inspired by it, too. bouncebackon1 is a real one. Love that web3 brings us together, and all the best in your business as well.

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