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STRAIGHT GUTTER: AWeezy Drops 7 Days Of Gang Gang Tracks! Mint The Latest, 'Forty Five Soul' Today

Gutter Records' AWeezy (@AweezyNFT) is putting out heat, dropping 7-days of dope AF music to the Gutter!

Inspired by Tupac's 'The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory,' which was created during the first week in August in 1996, this Gutter Cat Gang rapper is paying homage with his own seven day rendition: "Weezy: The 7-Day Theory."

Today, Gutter Records tweeted, "Powered by Gutter Records @gutterrecordz. Aweezy “Forty Five Soul” feat. Scarface & Anthony Hamilton Free NFT Mint Limited to 100 copies 24 hours. Starts at 6pm Go mint that “Well Known Investors” feat. Raekwon …only about an hour left!"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to AWeezy to find out more about the 7-days of drops and Gutter Records role in bringing the vibes to the Gang.

He said, "Gutter Records was formed out of us all wanting to do dope shit together, same as Beanie Gang. I'm on 'go' right now, dumping music because it’s time. My man GutterBeats (@GutterBeats_eth) said something last week about 7 days, 7 mints. 100 copies of each available. First come first served. I liked the idea."

"I’ve been grinding for years, this didn’t all happen overnight," he added.

Check out the cover art for the first two drops below, "Strictly Business," produced by Alchemist, and "Well Known Investor," which featured Raekwon, a founding member of Wu-Tang Clan.

AWeezy added, "I hope this brings some excitement to the Gang. I feel a big energy shift and everyone is having more fun. I just want to provide a soundtrack for this era. All these different features and production came from me wanting to make the illest shit possible. Real recognize real."

He also shared what could be some alpha: "Maybe there will be something for Gang that mints every joint in the end. We’ll have to see."

Each mint starts at 6PM ET, and AWeezy told the Gutter Cat Times, "GMFG! I appreciate all the love. We do this for y’all. For us by us. Shout to my team, it hits different when there’s no weak links in your chain."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow the Gutter Records' and AWeezy 7-Day Theory and bring you the latest from the streets and turntables. Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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