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"LET'S FKING CHAT": Yugen Held An AMA In Discord Today! Get Highlights & Find Out More Here:

The Gutter Cat Gang has been vibin' lately, with the launch of Gutter Grab and opportunities to earn Gutter chips via socialfi posts on X!

Today the Gang got another shot of torque when Yugen (@YugenLBS) tweeted, "AMA in discord in 1 hour. It's time to do some rapid fire Q&A."

The AMA took place in the General channel in GCG's Discord, and started just after 6PM ET; it went until 6:42PM. Yugen kicked it off with a message that said, "LETS FKING CHAT."

Below the Gutter Cat Times captures two strands of questions and answers (and select screenshots) that focus on:

  1. responses related to Gutter Chips and $GANG, the forthcoming Gutter token

  2. responses broadly related to the brand and team, and random fun shit

For the full chat history, hit up the General channel!

Gutter Chips & $GANG Related Responses:

  • When asked about an ETA for $GANG, Yugen said, "it's looking to be June /July - July if something dramatic happens."

  • In a question about how much $GANG for burning Clones / Juices, Yugen replied, "Gutter Chips, looking at several thousand per burn."

  • Asked whether Cat rarity is relevant in any way, Yugen explained, "Potentially with the token allocations from our third party."

  • Replying to a question about whether holding clones for longer periods would result in more Gutter chips, Yugen said, "No - holding Clones to 0 isn't something we're going to award - I'm not sure what everyone was thinking considering they look very similar to the original cats and we know that doesn't end well - hindsight is a bitch, happened to all of us, including me."

  • When asked if any other projects would get $GANG, Yugen said: "Probably a few."

Brand, Team, and Random Fun Shit Responses:

  • When asked about how big the new GCG team is, Yugen said, "Five people on this project at the moment, more in the wings."

  • Yugen said he is planning to get the merch back up and running, but has to "do a bit of housecleaning."

  • Replying to a question about whether GCG would participate in The Basketball Tournament this year, Yugen replied, "To be determined, but we will definitely do something in the space."

  • Asked about whether individuals still have IP rights over what they hold, Yugen said, "Your IP rights have not changed, but we will be updating our terms of service, we intend to keep it very similar, we will not take anything away from you."

  • A question was posed about whether the new ownership will support community developed / run initiatives, and Yugen responded, "Yes to the best of our ability within our resources."

  • In case you were wondering, Yugen said that his favorite sports are "basketball Formula One, and tennis."

Be sure to check out the Discord for more from the AMA! The Gutter Cat Times will keep you up to date on all things Gutter, all the time!

Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all the Gang Gang news!

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