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HOOP DREAMS: Gutter Brothers Help Others Take Flight

These Gutter Cat Gang brothers with a love of hoops are supporting a high school basketball team that's ready to take flight!

Basketball has been synonymous with the Gutter since its early days, when NBA stars like Malik Monk and LaMelo Ball wore their GCG assets on their kicks.

Recently, Gutter brothers Paw (@Paw1239_) and Trapatouille (@TrapatouilleGCG) teamed up to inspire the next generation of ballers!

"We are getting ready to fly," Gutter Flight tweeted the other day.

The tweet showed a Gutter basketball jersey that the Gutter community helped to select via a poll. With our input, the cool AF tiger-like Center Cat jersey gets its chance to shine on the high school basketball circuit!

The fire power behind Gutter Flight is brothers Paw (@Paw1239_) and Trapatouille


Paw's an OG, who picked up his Cat at mint. Paw onboarded Trapatouille into the Gang, gifting him the Rat he was airdropped.

Trap told the Gutter Cat Times, "The Gutter has a huge emphasis on sports, especially basketball, and we grew up in a basketball family so it was only right to keep it gutter. All in all, we feel the Gutter community is one of a kind and we are proud to rep it all day, every day."

He added that he and Paw have come across so many "good people with good intentions looking to build the community in different ways. As creatives, we've found that to be one of the many invaluable perks" of being in the GCG community.

With Paw in NY and Trap in Cali, they wanted to find ways to stay connected, which led to the creation of Gutter Flight.

The brothers established Gutter Flight as an official non-profit 501c3 organization. With Trap's 15+ years on the high school basketball scene and Paw's experience as a professor of sports culture, "creating this organization was a no brainer" for these basketball heads.

A Gutter Gives proposal and community support helped to sponsor their Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) high school team, which repped the Gutter Cat Gang.

Gutter Flight is more than basketball, though; the brothers also "onboard the next generation into the opportunities within the Web3 space." Trap explained, they're "dedicated to not only improving players' athletic skills but also their academic and professional. Our organization is one of a kind because we value the whole player (mind, body and soul) and not just their athletic abilities."

Gutter Flight's focus is on sponsoring the AAU basketball team, but their larger goal is "to provide opportunities through the game of basketball."

Trap said, "Gutter Flight is about community and we hope to build up our community with this opportunity that we were given. We thank the Gutter Cat Gang, Gutter Labs and Gutter Community for all the support we have received and we look forward to putting the GCG name out there on the court."

Gutter Flight's currently got a15U team, made up of mostly 9th graders. They've "been running workouts and practices for a couple weeks but have yet to hit the floor." Their first tourney is later this month, and will run through August! Good luck, gang!

For anyone in the community that wants to collab, sponsor, or donate, Paw and Trap's DMs are always open! Gang Gang!

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