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Gutter Cat Gang Collab Partner PUMA Teased Upcoming Drop & Shared Updates Yesterday

Updated: May 16, 2023

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Global athletic brand PUMA, who collaborated with the Gang in 2022, held a Twitter Space yesterday that went over what the company will do next in the Web3 space.

On Monday February 6th, PUMA's Head of web3, Ivan Dashkov, and Global Chief Business Officer, Adam Petrick, joined a Twitter Space with Andrew Wang (@andr3w), to chat about PUMA's entry into web3, its #SuperPuma comic, and tease an upcoming 10k PFP mint to take place in late February.

As Gutter Cat Gang members know, the GCG has a collab with PUMA that launched in February, 2022.

The Gutter saw LaMelo Ball (@MELOD1P), who owns Gutter Cat #2569 - an orange tabby cat with a turban and a basketball jersey - rep the Gang x PUMA during a game against the Orlando Magic in April, 2022.

During the Space, PUMA's representatives shared that Puma is rooted in "sports blending with culture," and value "character and identity." They use those values to inform PUMA's brand and decisions as they try to push culture forward. Adam said, "web3 has opened the door to be in direct communication with their audience," and listen to what people want: "the community votes with loyalty."

PUMA purchased "Puma.eth," a year ago, and are "continuing to learn, experiment, build community, and amplify the space." They are working to provide utility and value.

Specifically, PUMA recently came out with a Nitro Collection of 4k items, which can be found on OpenSea. This collection "is the digital twin to the physical NFRNO and Fastroid shoes that can be claimed with PUMA Materializer NFT in 2023." Both designs were developed "with the metaverse in mind," and "holders of the PUMA Nitro Collection will receive premier access to future PUMA projects in the web3 and metaverse space."

PUMA is now looking to "grow their audience," and during the Space indicated that they will be coming out with a "collection of 10k NFTs," and are "targeting a mint at the end of February." There's no mint price as of yet, and "Nitro holders will get 1 SuperPuma for each Nitro pass held. " PUMA will hold "2k for something special with their 10KTF partnership," and Ivan said they "can't share those details quite yet."

This new PFP "SuperPuma," character is rooted in PUMA's history; Super Puma is a cartoon character and "series created in Germany in the 1970s to engage kids in sports." PUMA is now developing a storyline where a Super Puma and Evil Puma come to life. They are developing comics around this story.

@guttercattimes will continue to follow Puma and will let you know what they do in the gutter next! Gang Gang!

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