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Hammer Time: Kingpin Comics Teases Ripped Gutter Dog Wielding A Sledgehammer

Don't mess with the Dogs, Gang!

Today, Kingpin Comics dropped their latest teaser for a forthcoming comic, tweeting: "Did not know who he was fucking with."

That ominous statement is accompanied by a black and white frame of a yoked Gutter Dog wearing a thick chain around his neck, and holding a sledgehammer.

The Gutter Dog can be seen standing over an alien that Kingpin Comics has showed in earlier tweets, such as the one below from late March warning, "Armageddon is coming to the Gutter."

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Kingpin Comics was funded by the Kingpin DAO and the team leading the development of the comic is Kebo (@davekebo), Anaroth (@Anaroth__) MokesLokes (@MokesLokes) and $boat (@boat_eth).

What the Gutter Cat Times has pieced together so far via tweets and prior conversations with the team creating the comic is that the comic has a character named Tony Claw, who is the "undisputed leader of the feline underworld in the city..." He leads a gang and is a badass boss.

Also, on May 2nd, Kingpin Comics tweeted a picture of a tatted Gutter Rat holding what looks to be an assault rifle, uttering the phrase, "Boom. Bitch!"

An earlier April 12th tweet, provides additional hints on the alien, showing a fireball crashing to the ground nearby a country farm, followed by a frame with a spacecraft, which is presumably where the alien comes from. We also see two Cats dressed in overalls approach the crash site; one Cat holds a shotgun and other other a pitchfork.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out for comment on today's muscled Gutter Dog-sledgehammer teaser, but hadn't heard back at the time of publication.

While we can't say for certain how each of the characters interact with each other, we know from $boat that "Tony Claw is one of the main characters," and that artist MokesLokes is "stoked to introduce a whole new audience to the Gutter community through story telling."

We also know there's bound to be some bad-assery with all of the Gutter species and weapons in the mix!

No release date yet, Gang. The Gutter Cat Times will follow this unfolding story and provide updates and insights. Gang Gang!

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