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Gutter Winners Get The Goods: Gutter Arcade's Top 10 Something Something Prizes!

Gang Gang, Gutter gamers! This Caturday is raining GCG cats, dogs, and news!

This evening, Gutter Arcade, an initiative launched by the Gutter's Puffer Gang x Community First, announced prizes for the top ten scorers in the "Something Something" arcade game.

As The Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, the Puffer Gang x Community First conceived of the arcade-style games to spark exciting ways for the Gutter community and other communities to have fun and create value.

In Something Something, players moved blocks with Gutter species' designs on a board, aiming to complete rows and continue to free up space as additional blocks appeared.

The winner of the Something Something competition, which took place over 7 days, is Brian Jones, AKA @the1nonlyjonesy,

with a score of 37,447! His prize is a Crazy Carl Collective (@CrazyCryptoCarl) genesis token, provided by artist @NOMOZ_X.

The remaining top 9 on the leaderboard were entered in a raffle for a Supreme Skatedeck; that prize went to @hookemheels 22. The top 500 were entered in a raffle for a GCG x Stadium Goods Dad Hat, and was won by @NWAnderson2.

Plus, @GutterPrints, a family-owned business spotlighted by The Gutter Cat Times, donated 3 $50 gift vouchers as a Top 100 prize. The winners of those prizes are: @ThatParlayGuy, @sleepygang_eth, and @jacksonbiggs!

The Gutter community and others participating shared their enthusiasm for the games and prizes.

The Gutter Arcade continues to run games, and currently has a PacMan- style one available. The prize for winning will be a Multicade Arcade Machine!

Congrats to the winners of Something Something, and good luck to the gamers in the latest Gutter twist on an arcade classic! Gang Gang!

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