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GCG Spotlight: Gang Family Builds A Gutter Brand

GCG members often say that the Gang feels like "family." For some, though, the Gutter is where their IRL family members vibe and build together.

Such is the case for Cryptohomer.eth (@cryptoohomer), Queenofhomer (@queenofhomer), and Sonofhomer (@KidJeweler22), a family that "gang gang's" in the Gutter and is building a brand with their GCG IP.

Cryptohomer initially got into NFTs via "digital land ownership" and the prospect of building and renting out land. In July of 2022, he joined the GCG because of the "art, the community, and culture." He liked the "idea of being able to use the IP" to brand and believes that people can relate to the GCG species.

Cryptohomer is currently using his IP for @GutterPrints (, an apparel company "created by our family who comes from the Gutters."

@GutterPrints sells a variety of hoodies, T-shirts, and hats reflective of the GCG culture, like a tank that reads, "Gutter Gainz." They've also collaborated with @iamMRJOUBREL on a limited edition T-shirt.

@Queenofhomer got into the Gang with her husband when he bought her an OG pidgy.

She said that she loves that the "Gutter Cat Gang is a project trying to push creators to use their IP rights," and that they've brought not only the family but also their friends into the Gutter. Plus, "even our youngest who is 7 has a clone!"

Watching his dad and mom join, Sonofhomer (@KidJeweler22) jumped in the Gang in September, 2022, and says the GCG is a "dope community that we all now see as family." Like his mom and dad, he's into "the artwork, activations, air drops, and IP Rights."

He explained that they got the name "Gutter Prints" because they really did "come from the Gutter with no help from the older generations in our families. We built what we have from nothing and are proud to rep Gutter Prints" and the GCG.

The Gang means so much more than "just the Gutter Cat Gang," he explained. Sonofhomer and his parents really vibe with the authenticity of the people in the community.

With Gutter Prints as a Family Owned Business, their focus is "to provide quality products along with the best customer service as possible."

They have customizable options "to let the Gang be able to bring their NFTs to life." Gutter Prints is also planning to add "3D Digital wearables" down the road.

GCG can check out @GutterPrints ( and keep the Gutter vibes going with the whole family and wider community! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter and DM with story ideas! Gang Gang.

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