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GUTTER UP: GCG Members Are Getting Ready For Thursday's GutterMelo Shoe Mint. Here's What We Know:

Put on your Gutter jerseys and get your wallets ready! The Gang's gearing up for the GutterMelo mint this Thursday!

After a 2 week registration period, the Early Access window for the Gutter Cat Gang's highly anticipated shoe drop is now closed.

"GutterMelo MB.03 Early Access Registration is closed," the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted today. "Registered wallets will be assigned mint window eligibility on the @opensea

GutterMelo Drop page by 11 AM EST tomorrow after the Early Access Allowlist raffles take place:"

Following the mint eligibility assignment tomorrow, the Gang and others will be able to purchase the GutterMelo NFT on OpenSea on Thursday, June 29th.

After the purchase, the NFT can then be redeemed for the physical sneakers during a one-month redemption period beginning on July 18 through August 20th, 2023, according to the GCG.

Those on the Early Access Allowlist can purchase their GutterMelo NFT between 11AM - 1PM ET, for .09288 ETH, or $175.

Those on the Early Access Waitlist are able to purchase theirs between 1:00 PM - 3:00PM ET for .1035 ETH, or $195.

The Public Sale opens at 3:00 PM ET, with a price point of .1145 ETH, or $215.

There is no max number of shoes per wallet.

Head of Projects & Partnerships at Gutter Labs, NoFreakingTime, told the Gutter Cat Times, "Once the lists are finalized they will be available via the drop page on OpenSea. GCG will announce by 11am ET tomorrow!"

Stay tuned to @guttercattimes for updates on the Allowlist raffles! May the odds be ever in your gang gang favor!

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