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Feeling Thirsty?: GCG Member Scoops 10-Pack of Juices!

The Gang's gettin' thirsty here on the streetz of the Gutter, and that calls for some juice!

Gutter Cat Gang member MrPhillyJawn.eth (@gutternick_eth), famous for his chalk drawings, scooped up 10 DNA-1 Gutter Juices today, including 2 Cat juices, 2 Rat juices, 3 Dog juices, and 3 Pigeon juices.

Check out MrPhillyJawn's gang gang pick ups below:

The total sweep was .3324 ETH, or $633.81, according to Etherscan.

Between his known wallets, he's got 1 Full Set of OGs, 11 D1 Clones, and 9 D2 Clones, according to the Gutterboard. He's in the top 100 for D2 Clones. And now, he's added 10 juices!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to MrPhillyJawn to ask about the sweep and he said, "I grabbed them because I want to rip them. Love ripping juices and seeing what comes out. Random rolls of the dice."

He added: "Another reason I got them is the teaser art looks like there will be a burn mech for clones. Speculation of course. So, wanted to have some extras of all species."

That teaser art MrPhillyJawn is referencing included a Gutter Cat Gang tweet and picture with a contaminated pond, and what looked like Clone parts lit with flames.

Check out his collection of OGs and Clones here:

Congrats on the juices, and can't wait to see you rip 'em! Be sure to share your Clones with the Gang!

Check out @guttercattimes for all gutter, all the time.

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