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Heat Check: GCG Goes Thermal For GutterMelo Drop

It's getting hot in the Gutter!

Today the Gutter Cat Gang brought the heat with their Gang Gang tweet: "Heat check. Prepare for the GutterMelo drop on June 29 by repping a thermal mode background for your PFP."

The Gang then posted another tweet in the thread to help GCG members access the "thermal mode background" for their Gutter assets. Just follow these steps:

  • Connect to your Gutter Collector Profile & visit the Community Toolkit

  • Scroll down & activate THERMAL MODE

  • Click on SHARE THE HEAT

  • Save Image, hit REP ON TWITTER and attach it

The Gang community went ALL IN on #heatcheck and Thermal Mode!

Hoodriiich.eth tweeted, "Going to change pfp for the first time in almost two years. Going from my Ape to the thermal @GutterCatGang to rep the upcoming GutterMelo drop. I have been acquiring more gutter assets over the past couple of months and still have strong conviction. Don't sleep #heatcheck#gang."

With the TL burning from the heat, the Gutter Cat Times grabbed a few Thermal Mode Gutter PFPs to show off below. Is it hot enough for ya?!

As the Gutter Cat Times previous reported, the Gutter Cat Gang is gearing up for the GutterMelo drop, which will include an NFT redeemable for a physical pair of MB.03 sneakers.

As we get more details on the drop, the Gutter Cat Times will keep you updated. In the meantime, Gang can rep the Thermal Mode and keep the heat on high! Gang Gang!

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