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GUTTER RAPS & RHYMES: GCG Member Bouncebackon1 To Be Featured In Upcoming Poetry Event! More Here:

Roses are red, the Gutter's got grit; this GCG member's got rhymes that don't quit!

Gutter Cat Gang member Bouncebackon1 eth (@BounceBackOn2) is known for bringing heat to the Gutter with his poetry and video edits, and now he's ready to take the stage in Cambodia!

"Update from the Great Lake Poet Express," Bounce tweeted. "Meeting with Prek Toal Secondary School members, organising events for the forthcoming Great Lakes Poet Express. It's been a long but successful day, with all the cranes (darters, storks, pick a bird) aligning under a mild December sun."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Bouncebackon1 to find out more about his poetry and how the Gang can support!

He said, "For me, I do most things because I'm moved to do them, especially when it pertains to my art."

Bouncebackon1 has been performing his poetry around the globe for over a decade, from Indonesia, London, and Copenhagen, to Singapore's Readers & Writer's Festival and Berlin's Poetry Film Festival, where his poem, "Why I Write" won best performance of poetry on film.

Check out the incredible video here where he shares his life experiences:

Bouncebackon1 explained, "In February, I'm going to be one of the poets in the Great Lakes Express Poets Express in Cambodia."

He told the GCT, "I'm asking community members to submit a poem about their Gutter Journey or web3 journey & I'll share with the folks who will be attending here IRL. How cool is that. To have something I've written and it gets performed in Cambodia halfway round the world? "

He's grateful and blessed that people all over the world have connected with his work, and he'd love to amplify the Gutter in the upcoming poetry festival.

Share your poems about Gutter or your web3 journey with Bouncebackon1 and he'll help bring those to life in Cambodia!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Bounce's journey and amplify the creatives in the Gutter. Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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